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Blockchain vs Tangle – Which One is the Future?

January 20, 2018

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The year of 2017 was memorable for the crypto craze. Nothing has changed from that times and still, there is a lot of excitement about cryptocurrencies today. Optimists believe that Bitcoin will fundamentally alter payments, economics and even politics around the world. The most optimistic supporters even started mortgaging their houses in order to buy Bitcoin. Pessimists claim Bitcoin is a bubble and inevitably will suffer a collapse. Whatever happens to Bitcoin, technologies underpinning cryptocurrencies will still be truly transformational structures, ones that could have an impact the way the Internet did 20 years ago.

Every cryptocurrency works under a certain technology. Which one is going to come out on top in the future? Will they coexist and function as completely different systems? To answer these questions it is necessary to go deeper into the subject. So, what exactly are Blockchain and Tangle?

Blockchain is cryptographically secured distributed data storageā€¦

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