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Navigate to the .NET Framework source online from VS.NET IDE!

February 26, 2014

Most of you knew that Microsoft recently launched a browsable version of the .Net reference source code at

This would help great and get us the insight over how all of the .NET code has been written. For example,
if you would want to see how String.IsNullOrEmpty() and String.IsNullOrWhiteSpace() has been implemented, here you go.

public static bool IsNullOrEmpty(String value) {
return (value == null || value.Length == 0);

public static bool IsNullOrWhiteSpace(String value) {
if (value == null) return true;

for(int i = 0; i < value.Length; i++) {
if(!Char.IsWhiteSpace(value[i])) return false;

return true;

Interesting, right!

Reference: Have a look @ Scott Hanselman's blog:

Below is the code excerpt from Scott Hanselman’s blog:
BONUS: Community Visual Studio Extension for navigating into the online .NET Framework source from VS.NET IDE.

Here’s an exciting bonus. Community member and fabulous coder Schabse Laks has created a Visual Studio extension for VS2010, 2012, and 2013! This extension sends calls to Go To Definition (or pressing F12 on a symbol) directly to the code online (when it’s .NET Framework code, not yours).

You can download this companion “Ref12” Visual Studio Extension now! Just Goto Definition on any .NET type we have source for and it’ll launch your default browser so you can explore the .NET Framework source yourself! Thanks Schabse!

Enjoy exploring!