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Blockchain vs Tangle – Which One is the Future?

January 20, 2018

Altabel Group's Blog

The year of 2017 was memorable for the crypto craze. Nothing has changed from that times and still, there is a lot of excitement about cryptocurrencies today. Optimists believe that Bitcoin will fundamentally alter payments, economics and even politics around the world. The most optimistic supporters even started mortgaging their houses in order to buy Bitcoin. Pessimists claim Bitcoin is a bubble and inevitably will suffer a collapse. Whatever happens to Bitcoin, technologies underpinning cryptocurrencies will still be truly transformational structures, ones that could have an impact the way the Internet did 20 years ago.

Every cryptocurrency works under a certain technology. Which one is going to come out on top in the future? Will they coexist and function as completely different systems? To answer these questions it is necessary to go deeper into the subject. So, what exactly are Blockchain and Tangle?

Blockchain is cryptographically secured distributed data storage…

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SQL Server Performance Debugging Tips

February 27, 2016

ing Indexes current database by Index Advantage

Source: SQL Server Performance Debugging Tips

C# 7 feature request #1… extension attributes

January 13, 2015

Jon Skeet's coding blog

Last week I learned that using static is going to be the syntax for importing static members (including extension methods) in C# 6. That fulfils a feature request I made in September 2005 (my fourth ever blog post, as it happens). With a feature request turnaround of 10 years, I figure I should get put everything I could ever want out there now… (Just kidding really – more seriously, I’m really pleased to see this change in C# 6, relative to both C# 5 and the earlier designs of C# 6.)

Last week at CodeMash, Dustin Campbell demonstrated one Roslyn DiagnosticAnalyzer for ArgumentNullException and friends, and I demonstrated one I’d written for the JetBrains InvokerParameterName attribute. (Dustin’s isn’t available online yet; I’ll edit this post when it is.) The two diagnostics check largely the same thing: some parameters are “special” in that the argument for them should be…

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Classroom phrases

January 11, 2015

How to Praise Your Students – Nice list of 100!

Zeboniso's Weblog

Ибораҳои синфї

Зебониссо Муродова
Муаллимаи забони англиси
Мактаби тахсилоти миёнаи умуми №1 шахри Сарбанд

Хеле хуб мешуд,ки сўҳбатҳои аввал (ибораҳои синфї) дар дарсҳо бо забони англисї мешуд, то ин,ки хонандагон бо ибораҳои англисї одат кунанд. Масалан, агар шумо ибораи let’s begin-ро истифода баред шарт нест,ки ин ибораро аз ёд кунад.Агар шумо ин ибораро дар аввали ҳар дарс истифода баред, он гоҳ хонадагон мазмуни онро мефаҳманд ва аз худ мекунанд. Баъдтар агар шумо калимаи begin-ро шинос кунед хонадагон аллакай медонанд, кай дар куљо ин калимаро истифода бурдан даркор.
Ба хонадагон ибораҳои синфиро мувофиқи қобилияти синну сол омўзонидан даркор.Мо метавонем дар рўзномаи деворї ибораҳои синфиро (Classroom expression) яъне ( Hello, Good morning, How are you May I come in? May I read? May I come to the blackboard? I am ready for the lesson. ) бо забони англисї нависем ва ба девор овезонем, то ин ки ҳамаи хонадагон бо он шинос шаванд…

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NHibernate Vs Entity Framework 6.0 – A Comparison

December 3, 2013

Here is a nice comparison table for NHibernate and Entity framework 6.0. This is the result of my searching and reading, to get to know over the evolution of Entity Framework (the latest is V6.0). Enjoy reading!



EF 1.0 to EF 6.0

Current version


V 6.0

Year released

 Hibernate (JAVA) 2001/ NHibernate (.NET) 2005



.NET 1.1 and above/Mono

.NET Framework 3.5 SP1 and above

Open source


Yes from 6.0


Both supports 1 to 1, 1 to many, and many to many

Both supports  1 to 1, 1 to many, and many to many

Rich domain models



Ordered and unordered sets collection. Indexed options. It even has an immutable, indexed list



Mapping private fields (yet) or can you directly use a dictionary class



Collection supports

IDictionary<T,T>  IEnumerable<T>


Supporting ENUM


Yes from 6.0

Vendor support /Providers:

SQL Server/Azure, SQLite, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Sybase, Firebird and DB2

All the DB providers are built-in

SQL Server or SQL Azure,

Code first


From EF 5.0

Code-based mapping

NHinernate 3.2 with Fluent-NHibernate

From EF 6.0

Supporting custom types and collections



Query flexibility

HQL/QueryOver/Criteria API/Native Vendor specific SQL (3.2 with the above & lot more)

LINQ/Entity SQL/Native SQL/Commercial  provider for ORACLE


Uses Listeners/Configuration properties

ServiceLocator pattern

Async/await support


EF 6

Built-in support for automatically reconnecting to the database



.NET 4.5 support


Yes (with improved performance)

Batch processing

With “Future”


Creating a DBContext with an existing open connection



Spatial support

Need 3rd party



Poor, but can get lot of support over forum



Support second-level caching

Yes from EF6


“NHibernate has a very rich event model, that exposes more than 20 events, either for synchronous pre-execution or asynchronous post-execution”.

Entity Framework only has two event-based extension points: ObjectMaterialized and SavingChanges

Tracking Changes


While both default to change tracking at the unit of work level, Entity Framework also offers self-tracking entities.

Able to map SQL views



Querying SSAS OLAP cubes



Interception of queries/object creation



API Methods

Save, Update, SaveOrUpdate, SaveOrUpdateCopy, Replicate and Merge,


Lazy loading behavior

One an relationship by relationship basis

For the entire context


Daily life – The real fact!

August 4, 2012

Daily life - The real fact!


April 13, 2012