jQuery 1.5 major changes!

jQuery team has released their new version with some significant changes. They are all awesome. Here are some quick notes.

1).  Ajax rewrite
“…Perhaps the largest change is that a call to jQuery.ajax (or jQuery.get, jQuery.post, etc.) now returns a jXHR object that provides consistency to the XMLHttpRequest object across platforms (and allows you to perform previously-impossible tasks like aborting JSONP requests)…”

2). Deferred Objects
It’s an wonderful one!
“….This API allows you to work with return values that may not be immediately present (such as the return result from an asynchronous Ajax request). Additionally it gives you the ability to attach multiple event handlers (something that wasn’t previously possible in the Ajax API)….”

3).  jQuery.sub()
“..you could use it to override native jQuery methods without actually affecting the methods that other users would interact with – or even create encapsulated APIs for your plugins that avoid namespace collision…”

5).  Adjacent traversal performance
“…we’ve also been able to improve the performance of some commonly-used traversal methods: .children(), .prev(), and .next()…”

5).  Build system
Using NodeJS, and avoiding the dependency upon Java/Rhino systems
You can get more information about the jQuery 1.5 on their website



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