Which came first? Egg or Chicken!

The winner is “Chicken”! 🙂

Find below the excerpt from the link http://www.wibw.com/internationalnews/headlines/98420064.html

It was a world first and revealed that the true purpose of the protein ovocledidin-17 is to speed up the production of eggshell within the chicken so that in 24 hours an egg is ready to be laid.

“What we have really identified is that the protein seems to accelerate the crystallization process so it can make that eggshell appear far quicker. In simple terms it accelerates calcite formation,” Freeman said.

They also found that the egg can’t be produced without the protein ovocledidin-17 in the chicken’s ovaries, so that means that the chicken must have come first. Right?

One more link about the same.


Finally, science is the real master here!


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